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Hemorrhoid Relief in 48 hours

shrink piles hemorrhoids product
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Per Bottle Price: SDG$49.90 
60 capsules per bottle


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Researchers from around the world are discovering – with incredible success – how this natural remedy used by the ancient Romans, Indians, and Japanese, is taking their Hemorrhoid pain away fast and effectively.

shrink piles hemorrhoids research team that is outsource in usa.

Discover how this “48-hour” remedy – researched by our biotech team and pharmacist will…

  • Cut inflammation, reduce your aches and pains

  • Repair damaged, inflamed, and swollen itchy tissues

  • Strengthen your colon, and potentially stopping future occurrences 

And it doesn’t involve complicated surgeries, nasty side effects, or doctor visits. The most interesting part of it, it is not hemorrhoid cream, ointment
or suppository. 


Best of all, you can get started as soon as today.

shrink piles hemorrhoids research Dr. Bala taking plants research in the experiment garden

Finally, a simple solution to your hemorrhoids that doesn’t involve…

  • Taking fiber supplements

  • Drinking water all day long

  • Or applying topical creams to your aching behind

This reliable remedy has been used by ancient cultures like the Romans, Indians, and Japanese for thousands of years.

Now, researchers from all over the world are finally opening their eyes to what these culture’s medicine men had known all along. 

In clinical studies, these remedies were shown to…

  • Dramatically reduce pain

  • Relieve intense abdominal pressure

  • Potentially preventing future occurrences

And even those with the toughest cases of hemorrhoids.

And could what had worked for them, work for you?

Italian researchers writing in the Journal of Current Medical Research and Opinion wanted to put these natural remedies to the test with patients who were classified as having extreme pain from their hemorrhoids.

After 48 hours, they couldn’t believe the results.  

Those suffering from the highest pain levels said it got better after just two days. Even better, by the end of the study, their pain didn’t come back. Compared that to the control group, who had no relief the entire time. 

What is this remedy that alleviates hemorrhoid pain so quickly and effectively?

It’s something that doesn’t get a lot of attention here in the United States but is
plentifully throughout the Mediterranean and Asia.


Eventually, these foods became staple dishes for those cultures.

Soba noodles in Japan…

Various teas in India…

Pizzoccheri in Italy……

Yet, all these foods contain a simple flavonoid that keeps hemorrhoids from ruining their lives.


It’s a humble flavonoid called rutin.

shrink piles rutin for hemorrhoid that is used in the manufacture of shrink piles. A plant ingredient for the support of Hemorrhoids

When ingested, rutin supplies the body with an extra dose of circulation.

This makes areas prone to swelling – like the colon in the case of hemorrhoids – draining away the excess buildup, giving almost immediate relief.

Which is why rutin is one of the primary ingredients in our SHRINK-PILES formula

At US Nutra Health, we take their knowledge, while focusing on research and science to create formulas that help our customers enjoy their best possible life.

And our SHRINK-PILES formulation is a testament to that.

US Nutrahealth Science & Research
shrink piles Hemorrhoids researcher Dr.hand extracting the essence to demonstrate the healing power of plants on Hemorrhoids
shrink piles team hemorrhoids researcher extracting the plants essence in the laboratory.
The power of plants in the support of Hemorrhoids. shrink piles hemorrhoids researcher

Experienced pain relief in just 48 hours.
Now you may be wondering “What’s their secret?”

SHRINK-PILES contains five unique ingredients that have been meticulously researched and backed by scientists across the globe that help your hemorrhoids …

  • Reducing your overall discomfort and pain

  • Improving circulation while reducing itchiness/swelling

  • And strengthening your colon, help to prevent any relapses

While many of our competitors’ will stuff up to 5, 10, or even 20 different ingredients in a small supplement tablet, we did something different.   

We decided to limit our formula to just five ingredients.

Because we believe that less is more.

Especially when it comes to harnessing the healing potential of supplements.

You see, due to physical size, tablets can only hold so much.

With up to 20 different herbs in one tablet, the benefits are diluted. 

They’re so diluted, you’d have to double or triple the amount to notice anything.

Which is why we choose just five.

That way, each serving will get you closer to the ideal amount nature intended for.

What’s so special about these five ingredients?

Each ingredient in our SHRINK-PILES formula has scientifically researched worldwide for its healing benefits, while also standing up to rigorous laboratory testing.

5 KEY Ingredients in SHRINK-PILES

Houttuynia Cordata

Houttuynia cordate is a natural plant ingredients for hemorrhoids. The supporting link for research efficacy.

Houttuynia Cordate become widely known in the medical community in 2003 when it was used to help improve the immune and respiratory systems of those suffering from the SARS virus in Beijing and Southern China.[i]

Researchers writing in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology found that before being used to aid in the treatment of viruses; it was used on medical conditions caused by high inflammation like muscular pain, diarrhea, and even hemorrhoids.

Because of its well-known reputation among the hospitals of China, we knew we wanted this strong anti-inflammatory ingredient as part of our hemorrhoid healing formula because of its effectiveness in treating severe itchiness and swelling.

But as effective as Houttuynia Cordata is, we wanted to add something to address the immediate pain and discomfort that hemorrhoids cause.

Angelica Sinensis

Angelica Sinensis for hemorrhoids support is another plant ingridents found in shrink piles product.

Angelica Sinensis has earned a reputation throughout East Asia, specifically China, Japan, and Korea as a circulation-restoring herb from the “ginseng” family. Herbalists throughout the region have been prescribing this for more than 2000 years for things like inflammation, nerve pains, kidney or liver problems, high blood pressure, and other conditions caused by poor circulation.

Researchers writing in the journal Chinese Medicine found that when the body adsorbs Angelica Sinensis, overall circulation improves while relieving existing pain to swollen areas.[i]

With Angelica Sinensis, your hemorrhoid pain will become a thing of the past thanks to its amazing ability to relieve pain, control inflammation, and speed up the healing process.

Now, so far, all the ingredients above do a great job of treating your hemorrhoids symptoms but miss treating the cause.

Magnesium Oxide

When it comes to getting constipation relief, Researchers writing in the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility cited magnesium oxide is one of the safest and most effective ways to alleviate it.[i] Not only does magnesium oxide gently clear out your digestive tract, relaxing any constipation buildup, but it also partially absorbs some magnesium, making it harder for constipation to come back.

With Magnesium Oxide, your already painful colon will finally be able to relax its swollen muscles by preventing any constipation buildup.

mangeisum oxide for hemorrhoids. also research links provided to show efficacy in the support for Hemorrhoids
Meriva Curcumin
shrink piles Meriva curcumin for hemorrhoids support. A natural plant ingredients provide efficacious support in the treatment of hemorrhoids.
A plant natural ingredients phytosome for shrink piles hemorrhoids support.

Meriva is a more highly absorbable form of curcumin – 29x more to be exact – when compared to just curcumin alone.

Meriva works by bonding the curcumin extract with phospholipids, which leads to better absorption than other curcumin extracts on the market.

With more than 14,000 studies available on curcumin, these studies show how it’s helped with everything from osteoarthritis to post-surgical pain.[i]

It’s no wonder it’s been recommended by Ayurveda doctors since the dawn of India’s history for multiple numbers of uses.

Because of its reputation as both an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, we knew it would make a great difference for those suffering from the discomfort and pain caused by swelling, itching, or burning from hemorrhoids.


shrink piles rutin hemorrhoids support. Most effective.

It’s a humble flavonoid called rutin.

When ingested, rutin supplies the body with an extra dose of circulation.

This makes areas prone to swelling – like the colon in the case of hemorrhoids – draining away the excess buildup, giving almost immediate relief.

To recap, you’ll get five of the best ancient herbal remedies for hemorrhoids.

  • Houttuynia Cordate – Relieves itchiness, burning, and swelling.

  • Angelica Sinensis – Increases circulation and speeds up the healing.

  • Magnesium Oxide – A gentle scrub for your colon that stops pain.

  • Rutin – A natural pain killer that relieves hemorrhoid pain quickly.

  • Meriva – Ancient herb that treats and helps prevent inflammation




WOW! Forget about all those creams and gel. Once you tried Shrink-Piles you will be satisfied! Amazing product.

Heard it’s the #1 in Asia!

Anyway, my problems are now gone and that is what matters to me.

Lily Susanto.JPG

Leni Susanti 

YES …within, 48 hours I found relief and the pain and swelling went down.

Still itch slightly guess its recovering. After the 4th day, I discovered it shrank to the size of a pimple.

Great stuff…I recommend it.

tan Ah tiong.JPG

Tan Ah Tiong

Finally ..after all the crap I tried, Shrink-Piles works. Many uncomfortable nights, being woken up with discomfort, swollen and itching.

I followed the directions 3 capsules -3 times a day for 4 days. The discomfort went away and the hemorrhoids shrank. Going to continue to take this.

I would recommend this product to anybody who is suffering from hemorrhoids.

Nguyen Pham & Mother.JPG

Pham Nguyen & Mother

My 78-year-old mother has hemorrhoids. She is thinking about having surgery.

I thinking she must be out of her mind, surgery at this age.  A friend recommended Shrink-Piles as the #1 health supplement for internal and external hemorrhoids.

This product has helped her, completely went into remission…and hopefully, it doesn’t reappear.


makato san.JPG

Makato San

I am from Japan. I bought Shrink-Piles on the internet, after my friend Yoshi Takara San recommend it. I have been suffering from hemorrhoids for the last 3 years.  Terrible painful medical problem. I went to see a doctor who recommended me to go for hemorrhoidectomy.

I am going to give this product a try before I go for surgery. Amazingly the hemorrhoids go away, after the 3rd day. Mine was a serious case of bleeding and swollen external veins.

It has been 6 months now ..I thought I write in to say it is an amazing product that helps in my hemorrhoids management.

Liu Kang.JPG

Liu Tang


I heard the product was #1 in Asia. So I bought it on the internet. Ok, it works

BUT my hemorrhoids were really serious as I can't even sit down properly, it went away within 5 days.

I wish I knew about it earlier so that I didn’t have to suffer in silence. Whew, …the thought of pulse surgery makes my legs soft.

Buy it and try it for yourself.


And in just ONE serving of SHRINK-PILES, it will:

  1. Load your body with four time-tested anti-inflammatories that have been shown to ease pain, relax tensions, and give quick relief.

  2. Open up those restricted, swollen blood vessels by removing toxins and supplying an extra boost of circulation to speed up the healing process.

  3. Make your painful memory of hemorrhoids a thing of the past by fortifying your colon, keeping you well protected against future instances of inflammation and constipation.

shrink piles bottle hemorrhoids currently selling in lazada and shopee.

Per Bottle Price:


60 capsules per bottle

Buy from :
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shrink piles product guarantee

Because we at US Nutra Health so strongly believe in the science behind our SHRINK-PILES formula, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with every purchase.

That means if you are not completely satisfied for whatever reason, we will refund your order, no questions asked.

Because your health is our top priority


  • Passing a bowel moment without pain, discomfort or bleeding

  • No more itching, burning, or discomfort every time you sit down

  • And removing any fear of accidental leakage while out in public

And by far the most important factor of all…

Going back to enjoying your life like you did become hemorrhoids came along.

This is what SHRINK-PILES can do for you.

And while clinical studies say it only takes 48 hours…

Some people begin noticing a difference almost immediately…

The moment you start taking SHRINK-PILES, you’ll begin to notice a difference that can only be explained from less inflammation, stronger muscles, and improved circulation.

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